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Saciva - Bizcard Secretary app for iPhone and iPad

4.6 ( 7936 ratings )
Business Utilities
Developer: MP Lab Corp.
Current version: 1.6.7, last update: 1 year ago
First release : 12 Jul 2016
App size: 30.07 Mb

[Q] What is Saciva?
[A] Saciva is a business card scanner and business card reader with high accuracy. If you scan a biz card using Saciva, one of our secretaries will input all printed data on the card to save on your smartphone. We are ready to type multi-language biz card accurately in 7 languages (English, Indonesian, Malay, Korean, Japanese, Mandarin, Arabic).

[Q] Is there any privacy issue related to Saciva?
[A] Never. Firstly, Saciva secretaries are well-trained typists who already signed a Non-Disclosure Agreement and are monitored systematically. Secondly, biz card you scan will never be shared with other users except for your own biz card. It is your choice whether you scan your own biz card or not.

[Q] When do I need to scan my own biz card?
[A] If you scan your own biz card using [Scan My Own Card] in Saciva, it will be the only card shared as a LIVE card with others who already saved your phone number. Whenever you update your own biz card, it will be immediately applied to the others’ phone. It can be a great chance to share your biz card. However, if you are not interested, you don’t need to scan.

[Q] What is the LIVE card?
[A] LIVE card is another person’s MINE card whose phone numbers are in your iPhone contacts.

[Q] What happens when I press [REPLACE WITH LIVE] button?
[A] It tells you that he already scanned his MINE card using Saciva, so you can take it to your smartphone as a LIVE card, replacing what you’ve scanned.

[Q] Is Saciva free?
[A] Saciva is 100% free with no advertisements. This business card scanner and business card reader are funded by an investor who cares about everyone’s successful business.

[Q] If there is a problem, what should I do?
[A] You can always send an email to Please let us know the problem as specific as possible.

As a business card scanner and business card reader, SACIVA is different from Camcard or other similar apps. SACIVA using well - trained secretaries to type and input all printed data on the biz card to your smartphone.

This business card scanner and business card reader can minimize the typo and your biz card data will be saved 100% accurate!

I hope you will love this lovely business card scanner and business card reader. Please enjoy SACIVA and don’t forget to write a review for us :)

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